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Melchior Kusel (1626-1683)

Melchior Küsel (1626-1683)

Engraver and publisher, fl. Augsburg, Vienna and Munich. Pupil of Matthäus Merian the Elder in Frankfurt. At times worked with his brother Matthäus Küsel.
Acquired a large part of the Nachlass of J.W.Baur, and between 1670 and 1681 published numerous plates after Baur, either copies of his etchings or after his drawings (see Bonnefoit N.155 to 537). They fall into four series: the 146 etchings entitled 'Iconographia (1670); the 42 plates of the 'Pastor Fido' of 1671; the 40 plates of the 'Underschidliche Prospecten' of 1681; and the 151 plates of Ovid's 'Metamorphoses' of 1681 which are copied from Baur's own etched series of 1639/41.


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