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Print made by: Nicolas Beatrizet
Published by: Antoine Lafréry (1512-1577)
Published by: Petri de Nobili (fl; 1584-85)
After: Girolamo Muziano Date: 1540-1566

Published in Rome

Reference: Bartsch XV.255.31

St Elizabeth of Hungary visting the sick, she blesses a woman who kneels before her,

Block of lettered text in upper left 'Sancta Elisabeth regis Ungarie ... Coelis', in lower left 'Hieronumo Muciano ... Invent', at at right 'Nicholaus Beatricius ...suis exc' under which at left 'Romae Ant Lafrery a Paulo G[obliterated]' Bottom midde: Petri de Noblilus Formis

Large print with some small tears closed from thebackside and backed on another laid papersheet.
Nice appearence and still good impression.

Additional Information

SKU xxs54
Picture Size 46 x 36 cm
Specification Print
technic Etching
Artist Nicolas Beatrizet
period 16th Century
School Italian
subject Religious
rating ***

Nicolas Beatrizet (1507 - 1573)

Engraver from Lorraine. Active in Rome c.1540-65, where he probably died. First engravings published by Salamanca and Barlacchi. From 1547-1560 he produced plates for Lafreri, and 1552-53 for Tramezzini. By 1558 he was publishing his own plates. Variety of subject matter: portraits, copies of earlier prints, figural prints after modern masters such as Michelangelo and Muziano, architectural, devotional, antiquities, maps. Many of these plates subsequently came into the hands of Lafreri and others.


Girolamo Muziano (1528-1592)

muzianoPainter, draughtsman and print publisher: worked closely with engravers, especially Beatrizet and Cort. Girolamo Muziano, called Brescianino, b. Acquafredda, Brescia 1532, d. Rome 27 Apr. 1592 (epitaph in S. M. Maggiore). A biography (referred to here as 'Vita') written by his confessor and datable 1584/5, according to Procacci who first published it , establishes his date of birth and reveals that from the age of 12 he studied first in Padua, where he met Lamberto Fiammingo (Sustris) and Domenico Campagnola, and then in Venice. Active in Rome from c.1549. At first celebrated for his landscapes (Baglione), he spent the next five or six years perfecting himself as a figure painter. Works of this early period include: S. Caterina della Ruota, 'Angel warning Joseph to fly into Egypt' and two 'Prophets' in lunette above .

According to the 'Vita', the 'Raising of Lazarus', now Vatican Pinacoteca, preceded the com mission for an altarpiece of this subject for Orvieto Cathedral, contract 17 Nov. 1555, completed 11 June 1556. A second altarpiece, 'Christ carrying the Cross', completed by 30 Apr. 1557 . Fresco and stucco decoration of 4th chapel on l.Frescoes and 'stucchi' destroyed; altarpieces in Museo dell' Opera del Duomo. Nov. 1560, proposed for Virtuosi al Pantheon, but election postponed because unknown to members then present , M. recorded as in service of Cardinal Ippolito d Este, for whom he worked in his two Roman palaces, Monte Giordano and Montecavallo (Quirinal), and also in the Villa d'Este at Tivoli , payment by the Cardinal to M.'s assistants for a 'Christ washing the Disciples' Feet'. At least five paintings of this subject are recorded, one of which may be that engraved in reverse by G.L. Desplaces with inscription giving location as Rheims Cathedral. According to Borghini, the vault and laterals and altarpiece of 'Lamentation over Dead Christ', in 2nd chapel on r. in S. Caterina de' Funari, were executed immediately after M.'s employment by Cardinal d'Este. 1565, contract for decoration of the Contarelli Chapel in S. Luigi dei Francesi not carried out. He obtained a papal privilege (1569) and organized partnerships for the publication of 130 plates of the reliefs of Trajan's Column, the Historia utriusque belli Dacici a Trajano Caesare gesti of 1576. 4 Nov. 1569, licence to publish engravings of Trajan's Column (. 1573-5, seven compositions of 'Penitent Saints in Landscapes' engraved by Cort . In 1578 he formed a partnership with Bartolomeo Breggio for the production of prints after some of his own compositions, including the Six Penitent Saints engraved by Cort. M.'s activities as "sopraintendente delle ... opere" of Gregory XIII (Baglione) included 'Pentecost' , a 'quadro riportato' on ceiling of Sala del Concistoro Segretoin Vatican ; Cappella Gregoriana in St Peter's: cartoons for mosaics (mosaic-workers called from Venice 10 May 1578 and paintings of Sts. Jerome and Basil, lost, but engr. by Callot (Lieure 44), both unfinished at M.'s death and completed by Nebbia ; in Galleria delle Carte Geografiche in Vatican, supervised decoration of vault, probably finished 1580 ...

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