Cornelis Cort (1533-1578)

Cornelis Cort (1533-1578)

Cornelis Cort

Painter-engraver born in Hoorn (NL) Pupil of Hieronymus Cock. He went to Venice and was a pupil of Titian. Later he was in Rome and founded a studio for engraving who formed Carraci and Thommasin. His engraved work is important

Engraver and draughtsman born in Hoorn or Edam in 1533 and died in Rome before 22 April 1578. Active in Antwerp, Venice, Florence and Rome. Cort may have been an apprentice within Cock establishment. In 1565 Cort left Antwerp for Italy, working in Venice (1565-6 and probably 1571-2) and Rome. In Venice he became associated with Titian, after whom he engraved at least a dozen prints. In Rome in the 1570s he may have tried to publish his own work.

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