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Johannes Wierix (1549)

Hieronymus (1533-1619) and his brother Johannes (1549 born) started with unbelievable accurate copperplates engravings after Dürer. Their masterpieces in this field: Adam and Eve, and The knight riding with dead and devil where made circa 1566, unbelievable he was capable to make this quality at that young age. Johannes (born in 1549) actually signed Aetas 14 or aetas 16 to indicate he was only 14-16 when he made this work. Hieronymus Wierix is especially known for his very delicate religious prints on a very small scale. As he followed Dürer in his early years, here he was probably influenced by the German small masters like Beham, Aldegrever... a.s.o. Anthonie (1552-1624) considered as most free and with most bravoure among the oeuvre of the brothers. Otherwise then the early German masters, Wierix quality is not yet fully expressed in the prices for their work. The copy's after Dürer however are very valuable.


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