Lucas Van Leyden (1494-1533)

Lucas Van Leyden (1494-1533)

Lucas Van LeydenEngraver, etcher, designer of woodcuts, drawer and painter. Pupil of his father and of Cornelis Engebrechtsz. With Albrecht Dürer in Antwerp in 1521.

North-Netherlandish engraver and painter, born and died in Leiden. Lucas is most famous for his graphic work, which has technical similarities with the art of staining glass. His work bridges late Gothic and Renaissance art with, amongst other things, attention given to perspective. The quality of his work is often compared to that of his contemporary Albrecht Dürer, whose acquaintance Van Leyden makes in Antwerp, in 1521. In addition to creating engravings, Van Leyden paints. Some 15 works may be attributed to him with certainty. It is known that Rembrandt owned a complete collection of Lucas's prints. The masters shared a preference for depicting scenes from everyday life. Lucas van Leyden dies in 1533 after a long sickbed.

Lucas Van Leyden is one of the greatest names from the early period and together with Dürer and some early Italian, one of the most estimated. His works are getting more rare and valuable every year.

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