Perino del Vaga (1501-1547)

Piero Buonaccorsi, called Perino del Vaga. ( Florence, 1501 - 1547)

 Pupil of Ridolfo Ghirlandaio. As a youth taken to Rome by the painter il Vaga, where he attracted the notice of Raphael and was employed as assistant in the decoration of the 'Logge' (completed 1519). Works of his first Roman period (until 1527, briefly interrupted by return to Florence in 1523) include: ceiling of Sala dei Pontefici in Vatican; frescoes in Palazzo Baldassini (now in Uffizi); Cappella Pucci in S. Trinità dei Monti (1522-3); two chapels in S. Marcello al Corso, one probably before 1523 (see 1860,0616.76), the other (Cappella del Crocifisso) contracted for Feb. 1525; altarpiece of 'Deposition in S. Maria sopra Minerva' (partly destroyed, see 1854,0628.13). Married G. F. Penni's sister, 1525. Left Rome after the Sack of 1527 and went to Genoa where his principal work was the decoration of the Palazzo Doria (begun 1528, probably in great part finished by March 1533). 'Nativity', dated 1534, for Cappella Basadonne in S. Maria della Consolazione, Genoa. Recorded as in Pisa 3 July 1534. Divided his time between Pisa (work in Duomo) and Genoa until 1537-8, the probable date of his return to Rome (see 'Burlington', cii (1960), p. 10) though there is no documentary reference to his being there before 25 April 1539 (contract for completion of Cappella del Crocifisso). Decorated Cappella Massimi in S. Trinità dei Monti (destroyed, fragment in Victoria and Albert Museum, see 1961,1014.1). Supplied design for Jacopino del Conte's 'Baptism', dated 1538, in S. Giovanni Decollato (see 'Burlington', cii (1960,p. 13). His last years were spent in the service of Paul III: 'basamento' of Stanza della Segnatura; 'stucchi' in the Sala Regia; design for 'basamento' under Sistine 'Last Judgment' (unfinished, see NG,853.K and 853.M); decorations in Castel Sant'Angelo (payments from 1545).

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