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Phillips Galle (1537-1612)

PHILIPS GALLE (1537 - 1612)

Galle PhillipsBorn in Haarlem, died in Antwerp. Flemish engraver, print dealer, publisher, writer and historian.

He was one of the most important and influential printmakers during the second half of the sixteenth century, with a list of over 2,500 prints published between 1563 and 1606. His massive output encompassed portraits, religious and allegorical subjects.

Trained by the Haaarlem humanist Dirck Volckertsz. Coornhert, Ph. Galle began his career working in the studio of the engraver/publisher Hieronymus Cock who published Galle’s first prints in 1557 and for whom he worked for many years. During that time, he established a leading reputation for a series of works after Heemskerck.

In 1563, he began his own print publishing business in Haarlem, moving the business to larger premises in Antwerp in 1570, where he modelled his studio on those of Cock and of Christoph Plantin.

Besides engraving his own compositions, Ph. Galle worked with print designers such as Anthonie Blocklandt, Hans Bol, Marten De Vos and Johannes Stradanus. He employed many engravers to assist him, notably The Wierix Brothers, Adriaen and Johannes Collaert, Crispijn De Passe, Johannes Sadeler and Gerard Van Groeningen. Later, he employed his sons Theodoor (who effectively ran the family business from 1600) and Cornelis.


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