Frans Floris (1519-1570)

Frans Floris (1519-1570)
Frans Floris
Painter, Frans De Vriendt known as Frans Floris. Together with his brothers, his father and grandfather he belongs to a very important family of artist covering sculpture, painting, glas painting, miniature... He was a pupil of Lambert Lombard and highly influenced by the renaissance. He was fascinated by Italy and arrived in Rome in 1541 when Michelangelo finished his paintings of the walls of the Sistine chapel. Floris, also called the Flemish Raphaël brought the Italian art to Flanders. One of the most important artists for the early engraving period in Antwerp.

Painter and designer, brother of Cornelis. Born in Antwerp; 1538 visited in Liège Lambert Lombard ; 1540-1 in Antwerp; then in Italy c.1541-1546. On return to Antwerp worked as painter with very high reputation, and designed many prints for Cock. Master of Willem Key and Crispijn van den Broeck. Famous for his heroic feats of drinking.

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