In the later 16th and early 17th century, the artistic level of engraving reaches the top in the Netherlands. Influences of Italian renaissance Prague inspired Northern artists . The flourishing patronage of the court of Rudolph II in Prague and the encouraging context in the Netherlands stimulated an art period  in the transition between renaissance and baroque. The so-called ‘mannerism’ combined sensitivity and sensuality with ancient myths and produced top works in the field.

Bartholomeus Spranger’s influence is undeniable in the development of the style; But Hendrick Goltzius was the master in creating the sublime engraved works with the help of his cooperators Jacob Matham and Jan Saenredam.

Jan Muller learned the art by his father. Jan was perhaps the only one to achieve the same high level as Goltzius. 

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Haarlem Cornelis van (1562-1638)
Manderen Karel van (1548-1606)
Matham Jacob (1571-1631)

Muller Jan (1571-1628)

Saenredam Jan (1565 - 1607)

Spranger Bartholomeus (1546-1611)

Winghe Joos Van (1544-1603)

Swanenburg Willem Van (1580-1612)

Wttewael Joachim (1566-1638)