Frans vanden Wyngaerde (1614-1669)

frans vanden wyngaerdeFrans vanden wyngaerde (1614-1669)

Flemish School Drawer engraver and editor from Antwerp. he worked after Rubens, Van Dyck, Callot. We know him best from his publishers address on the better states of the etchings by Lucas Van Uden and other.
Etcher, engraver, and leading publisher. He worked in Antwerp. c.1627-28 pupil of Paulus Pontius; 1636-37 registered in the guild of St. Luke in Antwerp; married in 1640 Maria Cruijt. Had strong links with Italy. Published one plate by Testa, and seven by Ribera (see Jonathan Brown on Ribera, 1973, p.68)

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