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Gilles Neyts (1623-1687)

Gillis Neyts (1623 - 1687)

Painter, watercolourist, draughtsman and etcher.
Born in Gent; 1643 married to Klara de la Porte; 1647-1648 Master in Antwerp; 1687 died in Antwerp, buried in Cathedral.

He was in Antwerp by 1643, the year of his marriage, and became a master in the  city's Guild of St Luke in 1647. Neyts is known principally for his landscape  drawings, of which a substantial number survived.  His subject-matter is conventional, largely consisting of idealized Flemish  landscapes and topographical views of Flemish towns and villages, the latter  recording his numerous journeys throughout the southern Netherlands. As with Jan  Breughel the elder, some of the imaginary scenes incorporate distant views of  Antwerp's church spires. Neyts seems to have been influenced by Wenceslaus  Hollar and the calligraphic style of Jacques Callot. In both cases Neyts is  likely to have seen prints of these artists' work, rather than their drawings.  Neyts was probably also influenced by his contemporary Lucas van Uden, whose  penwork is similar, and whose highly distinctive use of watercolour was adopted  by Neyts in a few drawings.


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  1. Gilles Neyts - Landscape with Groom
    Gilles Neyts - Landscape with the Groom
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