Hendrick van Cleve (1525-1595)

Hendrick van Cleve III (1525-1595)

Hendrick van CleveFlemish painter and engraver

Hendrick III went to Italy when young, and returned to his native country a good painter of landscapes. His pictures are distinguished by an uncommon lightness of touch, and an excellent tone of colour. The backgrounds of the historical works of his brother Marten and of Frans Floris are frequently painted by this artist, and are harmonized with the figures with great intelligence. He was received into the Guild of St. Luke at Antwerp in 1551.

Hendrick van Cleve distinguished himself as an engraver. Several of his plates survive of landscapes and views near Rome, after his own designs or those of Melchior Lorch which he sometimes signed Henricus Clivensis, fecit, and sometimes marked with a cipher.

A series of thirty-eight plates by this artist, entitled Ruinarum varii prospectus, ruriumque aliquot delineationes, published by Galle He died at Antwerp between 1590 and 1595.

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