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Johannes Stradanus (1523-1605)

Stradanus, Johannes (1523-1605)

stradanusLatin name for Jan van der Straet. Born 1523 in Bruge, Belgium, Stradanus, actually Jan van der Straet, received this first raining as an artist from his father. He moved to Antwerp in 1537 and began to show as a young man his talent for becoming one of the great artists in his time.

His path to Florence, then one of the hot spots of artist life, lead Stradanus via Lyon were he briefly stayed. and a six months stint in Venice. Right away he was hired by Cosimo I de Medici to design tapistry for the court. From 1550 to approximately 1553 Stradanus where he executed works for the Vatican and worked with Francesco Salviati whose style influenced him greatly. Back in Florence Stradanus worked with Giorgio Vasari. He designed frescoes and Tapistry for the Palazzo Vecchio, work that he continued into the 1570s. In 1567 he began designing tapistry for Cosimo's villa at Poggio a Caiano near Florence. The subject matter was "Hunting". Stradanus continued this work on copper plates. The prints were successfully published.

Stradanus lived partially in Antwerp and in Naples during the late 1570s, but eventually returned to Florence where he died in 1605.


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