Johan Wierix - The First Age - 1577Johan Wierix - The First Age - 1577
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  • Johan Wierix - The First Age - 1577
  • Johan Wierix - The First Age - 1577

Johan Wierix - The First Age - 1577

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Johannes Wierix - The Age of sixteen


Theatrum Vitæ Humanæ 


Alvin 1493
Mauquoy-Hendrickx 1500
Hollstein 1988 (The Wierix Family)
Hollstein 436 (Vredeman de Vries)

Date: 1577

After: Hans Vredeman de Vries ; Print made by: Johannes Wierix

Age up till 16 years; Composite order of architecture; a palce with a fine garden including a magnificent water feature in the centre and numerous playing children; at lower left an artist sits on a stool and sketches the scene Engraving

Title in centre of margin ".I. / COMPOSITA" flanked by two columns of text. In design "Usq[ue] an 16".
A nice allegory combining the ages (of man and buildings)  Showing all activity's suitable for the age.
Nice feature: In every age some life is ended abrubtly so also pointing towards the vanity of life.


Additional Information

SKU xxr136
Picture Size 21 x 27,40 cm
Specification Print
technic Engraving
Artist Johannes Wierix
period 16th Century
School Flemish
subject Humanistic
rating ****

Hieronymus (1533-1619) and his brother Johannes (1549 born) started with unbelievable accurate copperplates engravings after Dürer. Their masterpieces in this field: Adam and Eve, and The knight riding with dead and devil where made circa 1566, unbelievable he was capable to make this quality at that young age. Johannes (born in 1549) actually signed Aetas 14 or aetas 16 to indicate he was only 14-16 when he made this work. Hieronymus Wierix is especially known for his very delicate religious prints on a very small scale. As he followed Dürer in his early years, here he was probably influenced by the German small masters like Beham, Aldegrever... a.s.o. Anthonie (1552-1624) considered as most free and with most bravoure among the oeuvre of the brothers. Otherwise then the early German masters, Wierix quality is not yet fully expressed in the prices for their work. The copy's after Dürer however are very valuable.


Hans Vredeman de Vries (1527-1606)

vredeman devries Dutch painter, designer, architect and engineer.

1541-1546, pupil of Reyer Gerrietsen in Amsterdam and from 1546-48 pupil of Ernest Maeler in Kampen. 1549-1550, back in Friesland, studies in Kollum the work of Serlio and Vitruvius, both in Dutch translations published by Pieter Coecke van Aelst. Stayed with the painter Claude I Dorici in Mechelen. Marriage to Johanna van Muysen, possibly in Mechelen. 1555-1560, probably in Antwerp, start of collaboration with prints publisher. 1566, second marriage to Sara van der Elsmaer, daughter of the sculptor Wouter van der Elsmaer. In 1575-1586 in Antwerp, appointed as surveyor of the fortifications of the City of Antwerp. Between 1586-1589, via Frankfurt to Braunschweig to work as an architect for Duke Julius at Wolfenbüttel, visits Hamburg and Bremen. Between 1591-1596 he was working in Hamburg and also in Danzig. In 1598 in Prague, at the court of Rudolf II, preceded in 1597 by his son Paul. In 1600 he returned via Hamburg to Amsterdam. In 1601 he settled in The Hague and in 1606 he returned to Hamburg and died possibly in this year.

Father of Paul

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