Magdalena de Passe (1600-1638)

Magdalena van de Passe (1600-1638)

Enmagdalena de passegraver and important member of the Van de Passe family of artists from Cologne who were active in the Northern Netherlands.

She signed for a small number of landscape prints that have to be considered as the best from the period. Like the other members of the Passe dynasty her tecqnique is remarkably good.

She specialized in landscapes until her marriage to the minor artist Frederick van Bevervoorden in 1634, after which she essentially stopped engraving, even though her husband died in 1636. According to the RKD she was the daughter of the engraver Crispijn van de Passe, and the sister of Simon, Crispijn II en Willem.In her lifetime she was quite famous and signed her first works at the age of 14, two years younger than her brothers. When she was 33 or 34, she married the artist Frederick van Bevervoordt, but he died two years later.

She taught Anna Maria Schurman engraving.
She was friends with the painter Adriaen van de Venne, who wrote a poem dedicated to her.She was granted a patent from the States General for the manufacture of sleeping caps printed with engravings of popular figures. Though these seem to have been quite popular, none survive today.

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