Pieter Breughel

Pieter Brueghel (c.1520–1569) (also spelled Bruegel or Breughel known as the Elder)

Pieter Breughel
The most original of all 16th-c Flemish painters, probably born in the village of Brueghel, near Breda, North Brabant, The Netherlands He studied under Pieter Coecke van Aelst (1502–50), and was much influenced by Bosch. In about 1551 he began to travel through France and Italy, later settling in Brussels, where he painted his major works.
His genre pictures of peasant life reach their finest expression in ‘The Blind Leading the Blind’, (1568,Naples), the ‘Peasant Wedding’, and the ‘Peasant Dance’ (c.1568, Vienna). His eldest son, Pieter Brueghel the Younger (c.1564–1637), is known as ‘Hell’ Brueghel, because of his paintings of devils, hags, and robbers. His younger son, Jan Brueghel (1568–1625), known as ‘Velvet’ Brueghel, painted still-life, flowers, landscapes, and religious subjects on a small scale.

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